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We in the TEDx Community view our sponsors as partners who are joining us on a journey. This is a project that we're investing in together.

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When partnering with TEDxGeorge there are three core principles to keep in mind:

Collaborate With Us

As a sponsor we are engaging each other in a collaborative relationship to be part of something meaningful, TEDxGeorge.

Provide Authentic Dialogue

You are a partner who we want to have an authentic dialogue with our TED/TEDx community.

Think Big, Dream Big

We encourage you as a partner to be as creative as possible and dream up interesting and value-adding ways to reach their/your audience.

Sponsorship Add-on Activities

Imagine a gathering where the air buzzes with excitement, where ideas crackle and spark, and where the boundaries of possibility are pushed to their limits. That's the vision we have for our upcoming event, TEDxGeorge 2024, where we celebrate "The Brave Ones" – individuals who defy the status quo and fearlessly shape the future. Anticipated benefits for you include:

  • A chance to launch a new product
  • Networking opportunities
  • Showcasing a project
  • Entertainment and marketing to guests

In-Kind Donations

For information on how to support TEDxGeorge through in-kind donations of products or services, email info@tedxgeorge.com